Services by Paulina include:

- Natural Dyeing, Re-dyeing

- Alterations and Repairs

- Applique on clothing, coats, accessories etc. 

- Custom Orders

- Workshops



Woven Fibres: Introduction to Tapestry

A tapestry is a form of textile/fibre art that is traditionally woven on a vertical loom. Learn how to set up your loom from start to finish and some basic techniques to weave your own tapestry! Students will learn essential tapestry weaving techniques and have a choice to work with traditional or non-tradition materials. 

$40 per session, plus a material fee of $10
An option to purchase the loom ($15 per frame)
A maximum of 10 per class

101 Introduction to Sewing: Sew Over It!

This workshop is perfect for beginners and someone who would like to learn how to use a sewing machine. Learn the basics of hand sewing, to how to use a sewing machine, how to thread it, sew in a straight line, and sew a tote bag.

$105 for 3 sessions, plus a material fee of $20
A maximum of 6 per class

Dyeing for Blue: Indigo Vat

Indigo is the only plant source to get blue dye; it has been around for thousand years and used by civilizations all over the world. Learn how to create your own indigo vat and Shibori techniques to create beautiful patterns and effects onto your fabric. Shibori is a Japanese dyeing technique that typically involves folding, twisting or bunching and binding it. Lets discover the world of blue!

$80 per session, plus a material fee of $25
A maximum of 10 per class

Wild Dyes: Introduction to Natural Dyeing and Printing

Learn how to achieve beautiful colours with natural dyes using locally sourced plants and traditional dyes. Exploring techniques for both protein and cellulose fibres, focusing on the mordant process (plant and mineral) for both immersion dyeing and direct application of dyes, such as silk-screen printing.  We will use resist methods (stitching, wrapping, folding), eco print and solar dyeing.  As we work we will also record recipes, samples and document the process.  Participants will leave the workshop with a detailed journal / sketchbook that they can continue to use for their future reference. 

$200 for 4 sessions, plus a material fee of $50
A maximum of 6 per class

Foraging Walks

Come learn more about the herbs and plants that grow almost everywhere right here in London. You will learn to identify plants, the healing properties of the herbs and medical use, and other possibilities such as natural dyeing.  

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