Dyeing for Blue: Introduction to Indigo Vat Dyeing


Dyeing for Blue: Introduction to Indigo Vat Dyeing


Lets discover the world of blue!

Workshop for Saturday, July 7th, 10AM-3PM

Workshop fee: $75.00
Material fee: $15 paid on the day of the workshop
The material fee include indigo dye, required chemicals for the vat and 1/2 meter of cotton fabric.
Blank 100% cotton woven shawls will be available at wholesale price as an option if participants would like to purchase and dye, $40.00 per shawl.

Class limit 12

Description of Workshop:

Indigo is the only plant source to get blue dye; it has been around for thousand years and used by civilizations all over the world. In this hands on workshop you will learn basic Shibori techniques by folding and binding to create beautiful patterns on fabric with indigo dye. By the end of the workshop, you will be amazed as the stunning one-of-a-kind patterns are unfolded and revealed!

Encouraging everyone to bring their own material if they wish, however, fabric/garments/bedsheets/yarn must either cellulose or protein fibres. If some material has 5% spandex or 50% polyester that’s fine, we can work with — just keep in mind the colour won’t be as vibrant.

Cellulose fibres are produced from wood or plants, which includes; cotton, linen, rayon, viscose, flax, bamboo etc,.

Protein fibres is animal hair, this includes silk, sheep wool, leather, alpaca, etc,.   

Looking forward to DYE with you!

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