Photo by Rob Nelson 

Photo by Rob Nelson 


Why Buy Natural, Eco-Friendly Materials and Avoid Synthetic Fabrics?

PS LET'S DYE is a textile movement based in London, Ontario, founded by Paulina Szczesny. All items are uniquely hand dyed with traditional natural dyes as well as dyes created with indigenous plants from Ontario. Working with only natural fibres and natural dyes allows to eliminate the use of harmful chemicals on the materials. Within the textile industry, most branded and un-branded garments commonly found in the market use a resins to control the shrinkage of the material. Almost all commercially used resins contain formaldehyde, or other harsh chemicals, when not used with caution can be very damaging to our skin and health.

PS LET'S DYE facilitates workshops and produces one-of-a-kind, each item is uniquely dyed with flowers, plants, berries, nuts, trees and herbs grown locally, the pattern and colour created is different and no two are alike. Free from non-toxic dyes and harsh chemicals. 

The goal of PS LET'S DYE is to educate others how to start making smart consumer choices, educating information about eco textiles, natural dyes, and alternative healing therapies. PS LET'S DYE is not just about dyeing fabric or textiles, its about playing, living your life to the fullest and healing the parts of ourselves that need healing.

Paulina Szczesny

Paulina Szczesny is a Polish-Canadian textile artist and printmaker.  She was born in 1986 in Paslek, Poland. Szczesny and her family immigrated to London, Ontario Canada in 1987. Finding her way into printmaking and textiles in BealArt programme, in 2006 she enrolled at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University, Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

In December 2010, Szczesny completed her degree earning a Bachelor in Fine Arts with a major in Textiles. Szczesny travelled and lived in Berlin and Northern Poland returning back to London, Ontario in 2012. Szczesny is currently working from her PS LET'S DYE studio in London, Ontario, and teaches workshops throughout London and at the Woodstock Art Gallery.